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Topo Land Surveys conduct Measured Building Surveys utilising cutting-edge survey technology enabling us to rapidly capture and deliver accurate detailed spatial data.


Measured building surveys are commonly conducted for various reasons, including architectural design, renovations, space planning and documentation of as-built conditions.


A detailed measured building survey is an accurate representation of your building. Consisting of elevations, floor plans, sections, and roof plans, it is vital to the design and planning stage of your project.


Floor Plan

A floor plan is a detailed and scaled representation of the layout and spatial arrangement of a building's interior on a horizontal plane. It provides a top-down view of each floor, showcasing the relationships and dimensions of rooms, including; ceiling heights, walls, doors, windows, including head and cill heights, and other architectural features.



Elevations, refer to detailed and scaled representations of a building's external faces. These drawings provide a vertical view of the building, showing the arrangement and dimensions of various architectural features, such as; openings, windows, doors, columns, and other structural or architectural elements. Elevations are crucial in conveying the external aesthetics and design of a structure - helping to understand how the building will appear from different viewpoints.



A section refers to a detailed and scaled representation of a vertical slice through a building or structure. These drawings provide a view of the interior space as if it were cut along a specific plane - offering a cross-sectional perspective. Sections are essential tools in the design and construction process - providing valuable insights into the building's internal structure, spatial relationships, and vertical dimensions.


Roof Plan

A roof plan is a detailed and scaled representation of the layout and design of a building's roof. It provides an overhead view of the roof structure, showcasing the arrangement of roof elements, features, and architectural details. Roof plans are essential in construction and architectural drawings - offering insights into the complexity of the roof design and aiding in the coordination of various building components.

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