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Topo Land Surveys

We take pride in delivering excellence and precision to architects, engineers, planners, home builders, and homeowners alike.

“In December 2021, after dedicating almost two decades to the land surveying industry across various countries, I made the pivotal decision to establish my own business. Upon returning home to the UK, I recognised the opportune moment to channel my expertise into a venture of my own, and embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship - laying the foundation for a land surveying company that embodies the culmination of my two decades of industry experience and knowledge. This marked the genesis of our business: born from a passion for precision and a commitment to delivering unparalleled service in the field of land surveying”

– Oliver Firth. Founding member.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Architects and Engineers

  • Construction Companies

  • Environmental Consultants

  • Farming and Agriculture

  • Land / Home Owners

  • Real Estate Development

  • Utility Companies

  • Expertise

Our seasoned professionals bring 20 years of hands-on experience to the table. We have successfully executed projects in diverse landscapes, providing the expertise necessary for accurate and comprehensive land surveying.


  • Efficiency in Action

Time is of the essence in every project. We pride ourselves on delivering efficient solutions without compromising accuracy. Our streamlined processes, advanced technology integration, and skilled surveyors enable us to expedite project timelines while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Understanding the financial considerations of your projects, we are committed to providing cost-effective solutions as well as delivering on quality. Benefit from transparent pricing and efficient resource utilisation for the most competitive rates.


  • Client-Centric Approach

We prioritise your satisfaction and success by taking a client-centric approach - providing personalised solutions that exceed your expectations. We are not just service providers: we are partners invested in the success of your projects.


Our teams are ready to elevate your projects to new heights. We invite you to explore the excellence we bring to land surveying. Contact us today for a consultation.

Topo land Surveys Northampton UK


If you would like more information about any of our services or would like to discuss your needs, please get in touch via phone, email, or alternatively submit an enquiry.

Tel: 01604 312732

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