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Topo land Surveys As Built Survey


  • Highways (Section 38, 228, and 278)


  • Sewers (Section 102, 104, and 185)

  • Public Open Space

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Topo Land Surveys specialises in delivering As-Built Surveys as an integral part of the adoption process for Highways (Section 38, 228, and 278), Sewers (Section 102, 104, and 185), and Public Open Space.


During the formal adoption process, the responsibility for the maintenance and management of the highway or sewer is transferred from the developer or owner to the respective local authority. This transition often includes the transfer of associated infrastructure, such as street lighting and drainage systems.


Our As-Built Surveys adhere to local authority standards and can be supplemented with supporting plans as needed, including Land Transfer Plans and Manhole and Sewer Record Cards. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive and accurate surveys that facilitate a smooth adoption process in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Topo land Surveys As Built Survey


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